When will the marketing campaign begin?

We are on the beta version, thus we are still enhancing the product; issues and their solutions are what we are working on right now

We did not fork another lottery bot, but instead created our own in Python

This truly distinguishes us, but in order for the bot to function effectively, we still need to address a few issues (we need a maximum of 24 hours, but it will be done faster)

After that, we will start a marketing campaign, because your tax is also allocated for marketing!

To ensure that marketing is effective, we must deploy a bot that will attract new users

What is the future of the Waterfall Lottery Ticket ecosystem?

It is currently a jackpot game, but we want to begin development on the second game - coin flip - in 10 days. It will be a separate bot that will flip a coin with a 50/50 chance, and payment will be in WLT tokens!

To accomplish this, we will examine several aspects, including activity, volume, and community support

Why are taxes so high?

These taxes include the jackpot, buybacks, promotion, payment and the team's interest in the development of the project and the creation of new games

What are our objectives?

To do everything in our power to make your life a little more enjoyable💜


✅We have renounced the token! https://arbiscan.io/tx/0x3e27078d9742956d05205baac8e05c8b11ea5e3bae338983e28dac805c2aa8ec

✅Liquidity is locked with UNCX


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